Monday, January 13, 2014

Spare Time

I think, perhaps it is just an illusion or a dream, but I think there was once a time when I had that mythical gift... SPARE TIME!

Perhaps it was just back in the days when I was crazy enough to believe life would never get better than those long walks on the beach behind my college apartment and I had no idea how the world would change.  Now my life is filled to a point of insanity and showers, toilet breaks, and hiccups need to be scheduled with military precision just to get through the day.  I would sell a lung for a nap, seriously...

In an effort to learn how to save time I wasted an epic amount of that precious stuff trying to learn some tips from the wilds of Google.  While I would love to write an article in the style of on how not to do what I just did, this is not that article. 

You see, I did manage to come down with an abundance of the stuff unexpectedly when complications with my current pregnancy lead to "Bed Rest" orders from the doctor.  This is about all the things I would like to do in my free time if I manage to get off of of the couch, recliner, bed or chair in the kitchen (I'm still cooking dinners and trying to be productive).

1.  Take the toddler to a farm.  How about it? Sunshine, cows, photo ops all over, and plenty of manure for my son to face plant in because he has all the grace of his mother.  Actually, before we had kids my husband knew I love to volunteer at or visit the local SPCA barns because it gives me a chance to give back to the horses in honor of my beloved pony long gone.  Now I want my kids to grow up knowing that though our food does come from those pigs, chickens, and cows, they are lovely animals that deserve our respect too.

2.  Swimming at the beach.  Ever had the joy of spending hours just watching other tan-less bodies flounder in the waves?  I live in a state known for our beaches and bars.  It is fun to know I am not really so iridescent that I glow in the sun, but getting to stand in the waves is a great reminder that none of the superficial things matter in the grand scheme of things.  Also, the smell of salt air is wonderful for the soul.

3.  Photographing birds in flight.  I love watching birds fly, butterflies too actually.  We have a cute little bird feeder up year round at the window and many of our visits to the botanical gardens are exercises in my husband dragging me out of the butterfly house after they start bugging us that closing time passed three hours ago.  I love flowers and want a garden to attract plenty of the lovely flying beauties, both insect and avian when we have the room for the garden of my dreams.

4.  Growing roses.  I guess this should go with the lack of room to have a garden listed above, but time is also a factor.  Being able to go spend those long hours with my fingers in the dirt and not have it all end when a particular neighbor who was super concerned with his lawn not looking green enough talks the condo association into spraying lethal crap all over the common areas leading to our plot.  Not only did it mean bringing my then crawling little man outside was a problem for exposure, but the delicious edibles I had planned to harvest and the tall blooms of flowers all became spotted in toxic nasty.

5.  Ice skate more often.  This is the land of winter.  Snow is on the ground and we have had some days of bitter cold causing big trouble lately.  We are also home to some of the best ice skating and hockey playing locations in the country.  I miss having the chance to go do figures and laps on the ice to clear my head in the cold.
So, what are your favorite things you would love to do once you find the free time?

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